Artificial Grass Maintenance Service


Artificial Grass Maintenance? it doen’t need any maintenance does it?

Is your Artificial Grass looking a little flat, a bit dirty in need of a little help, from the day it is laid it starts to collect all sorts of organic material within the pile, after a while this will begin to show through in the general appearance of the lawn.

It is widely believed that Artificial Grass is maintenance free, sadly that is not quite true, in order to keep your artificial grass looking at it’s best year in year out does take a little effort.

All types of Artificial lawns are basically very similar to your indoor carpet but designed for outdoor use, now imagine if your household carpet was subjected to all that mother nature can throw at it, dead leaves, falling berries, petals, pet waste, mud and grime of all types, it would not look good to say the least, over the years the debris breaks down and finds it’s way deep into the pile of the grass slowly blocking the drainage holes which in turn causes a build up of the decomposing matter within the pile, this congeals causing the fibers to stick together and will lose ability to spring back under footfall, worse over time the abrasive nature of the debris will  start to break the fibers, left unattended this will not only leave your artificial grass looking flat and dirty but will start to damage the actual fibers of the lawn. The solution is simple, get the debris out of the pile before it can cause problems or look unsightly.

However we realise not everyone has the time nor inclination to care, clean or otherwise maintain their artificial grass.


we are constantly asked by customers how to care for their artificial lawn. So by popular demand we have now introduced an affordable and professional six stage Artificial Grass maintenance service program.

  • A complete inspection of all seams and edge security (repair as required)
  • Blow off all loose debris from the lawn surface
  • Using our Sthil power vac we extract all the deep seated debris within the pile of the grass
  • We then power brush the pile to stand erect again with our sthil power brush
  • We clean the lawn with our proprietary artificial grass sanitiser.
  • Apply professional grade weedkiller to edges and fence line

Due to the intensity of our Artificial Grass Maintenance program it really only needs doing at this level once or twice a year (if you have lots of overhanging trees or shrubs) after our service just brush the leaves off occasionally.

We will be more than happy to give the remainder of your garden, patio of driveway a quick makeover, whether it be to trim the hedges, prune the trees and shrubs or clean your patio or driveway with our professional hardsurface cleaner in conjunction with our Sthil power brush,these additional services are very keenly priced but must be indicated at the time of booking your artificial grass maintenance service so we can indicate a price and know what additional equipment to bring.

Obviously every garden is different and while one garden will take an hour another may take three we price the maintenance service buy the hour at £60 for the first hour and at £40 an hour thereafter most gardens will take 2 hours or less these prices include travel.

If interested please give me a call on 07717 396136.