Whilst every job is very different this is a quick guide of how we would go about preparing the ground and laying the artificial lawn on the average garden.

Below you can see a very typical installation, on an average garden, from cutting out the turf, installation of timber frame, installing, leveling and compressing the crushed stone, same with the sand, laying membrane as required and borders, finally fitting artificial turf of choice.

Unlike many franchised Artificial Grass Installers under normal circumstances we will use MOT type 1 as our sub-base followed by a layer of sharp sand, they tend to use crushed granite which is a one layer application obviously much cheaper and less time consuming as they only have the one aggregate layer to lay,level and compress as opposed to our two layer system, also we always where possible lay either grade 4 treated battens or resin battens as our frame, many of the franchised companies use no frame whatsoever and rely on a layer of dried sand to keep the lawn down again in an attempt to save time and money.. but as they say

“Most of the time the right thing to do is the Hard thing to do”


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